OK… So you’ve finally dragged your sorry butt off the couch and decided to become a ‘real’ racing driver (or crew member)! Before you get OFF the couch though, check behind the cushions (and in the girlfriend’s handbag) for some loose change – you’re gonna need to spend SOME money to join the madness…

After you’ve bought your crapper, put a cage and safety gear in it (and a whacky theme), the price for your jalopy / rocket ship’s registration is $458.85 – this is a one-off cost per event – if you share this across 5 drivers and 1 crew member it’s only $76 each to get it on the track…. No excuses you cheapskates!

Each Driver’s fee for 3 days of fun at the track is NZ $672.75 – this should give you at least 4 hours of seat time each, and covers everything track related – registration, facility/track hire for 3 days, Admin, AAA Pit pass, rescue and retrieval of your sorry asses, Marshals, in-car radio receivers (one-per car), transponders (so we can find you if you ‘go bush’), commemorative crap and the sheer honour of being in 24 Hours of Lemons and raising money for a damned good cause… Prostate Cancer!! You need a minimum of 5 drivers per team (you can have more if you want) and we recommend having some Crew members that can stitch your Lemon back together when you break it!

Non-Driving Crew Members (the guys that do all the work while you steal the glory) are $75 each.

All values INCLUDE GST (Grab, Snatch and Take)

Go to the Members Area to SIGN UP and then put your coins in the Piggy Bank here 12-3019-0015206-00


General admission is free for all non-racers.