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Hampton Downs Raceway – 15th – 17th Sept 2017

Most Laps completed Team Bond – these guys were consistent and a LOT of fun! They also set a new Hampton Downs record, completing 626 laps during the event! (another new track record)! #007
Fastest lap Brucey Racing – not that we care (and their car didn’t finish the event) but they managed a 1:18min lap – apparently they’ll be back for the next event to try and FINISH! #27
People’s choice Team French Fried – This team seemed to get along with everyone else, and were smiling from start to finish. This award was kindly donated by last year’s recipients “FIVE-O” aka “PILOTS” – awesome team spirit! #21
Judges’ choice Roy’s Mum’s Racing – amazing competitors, nice blokes, and spectacular Drifting Action! We still want to meet Roy… And his Mum! #3
Back from the Dead Team Blue Balls – No matter what breakages the Lemon Gods threw at them, this Mayne Automotive backed team managed to get their pile of bolts back on the track! All the while helping OTHER teams get their crappers fixed too! Nice job. #77
Best Themed Team Mario Bros – these guys stayed in costume, made us laugh and embraced the concept of “dress up”! More please… Close runners up were the Crazy Horses from Gisborne – they’ll be back at the next event for more punishment. #17
The Ugly Stick Award Team Hooncorp – the “ugliest” car out there – now nicknamed “Cyclops” – this car is already entered into the next event! WE LOVE IT! Special mention to Michael Natusch in his “Lemon-aid” car. Urgh! #137
The Battlers’ Award Saints and Sinners – how did these guys keep going? Act of God, or drinking from the Devil’s Cup? All we know is they battled ’til the end… #66
Best Fix Award Fred’s Team – this team literally fixed NOTHING all weekend! The award was for building a car so GOOD that it didn’t need fixing! That’s Logical, eh? #99
Most Shocking Performance Team Top Gun – they got called in for penalty (speeding in Pit Lane), got absolved, went out (did 2 laps) then kept coming back in for more penalties despite having “get out of jail free” cards. Then the driver came BACK into the Pits just so he could argue that the judge was wrong… Then kept offending, and getting penalised! Ah… Lemons… #200
Fresh Start Award Team Willies – with 350 years of collective experience, we thought this team deserved to win the FRESH START Award. We reckon they’ve got a great future in Motor-spurt! #350
Best presented Car Brucey Racing & Midget Racing – joint winners of this award – great looking cars, but the idea is to FINISH the event. Maybe they need to add more stickers? Or another wing? Just saying… #27
The Nincompoop Award Team AON Racing – this team left their Pit Garage for the “photo lap” BEFORE the event even started, made it around two turns, then the WHEEL fell off – oops, forgot to tighten up the wheel nuts! Nincompoops, indeed! We laughed until we cried… #69
The Supreme Award! Team Aussie Spares – The SPIRIT OF LEMONS award went to Team AUSSIE SPARES for their constant need to make everyone ELSE feel good too. This mob of mad buggers embodied the spirit of Lemons and kept us laughing, even when we were already laughing! Well deserved! #28
The Prostate Quiz Tight 5 – These banana-brains scored an incredible 9/10 on the Prostate Cancer Quiz! #110
The Cambelt of Confusion Brad Scheigis (Driver) – the car Brad was driving was immaculately decked out with a “Back to The Future theme”. The confusion was caused when Brad couldn’t tell us why the car was still here (and not in the future) at the end of the race – since he MUST have got to 88mph during the race…? Anyone…?
The Essence of Effluence Dart Andrews (Driver) – to our youngest competitor, went this concoction of blood, sweat, tears (and other fluids which can’t be mentioned) as well as ‘talent, hopes and dreams’… lovingly squeezed into a personal spritzer! Use it wisely, young man.
SUMMARY Track: Hampton Downs International Circuit
Laps Completed: 626 (new record)
Fastest Lap: 1:18 mins
Distance total: 1,752 kms (new record)

Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park (Taupo) – 31st March – 2nd April 2017

Most Laps (401) completed Tight 5 – Not that anyone gives a flying fig!
Despite being penalised for “Animal Cruelty”, they kept at it and completed 401 laps (a new track record)!
The People’s choice Award Team Five-O – Friendly, great sportsmanship, embraced Lemons ethics and helped everyone enjoy the event…
Until they turned on their bloody in-car PA. Noisey buggers!
Back from the Dead Mad Macs – These guys shredded parts and were all but done.
Then they found (kindly donated by other teams) spare parts and got back in the race.
Then they broke down, then fixed their crap and came back AGAIN! Until finally they succumbed to a DNF!
Best Themed Team Animal Racing – amazing Muppet costumes with matching lycra, sequins and headgear – hard to forget! #52
The Ugly Stick Award Euro Bogans – The most beautiful team… On the inside! #2
Most Consistent Team Award Stick Men – Stayed out of trouble, kept away from the Penalty area and generally kept their noses clean.
Lemons perfection! And they dressed to impress…
The Quiet Achievers Award The Steelers – These guys also managed to stay clear of the Judges’ wrath most of the weekend.
Then quietly racked up lap after consistent lap.
All in a car that was largely untouched since the inaugural Hampton Downs race last September!
The Battlers Award Braking Bad – Spent most of the event in 3rd gear or in the pits! Battled through until Sunday…
Almost made it to the end!
Best Fix Award The Hairy Lemon – These guys spent pretty much all weekend making VERY sketchy fixes on the car.
Dodgy welded brakes, under-car cooling, lowered (hacked) suspension and a whole raft of mods too horrific to mention!
They even clipped the artificial grass for better aerodynamics!
Most Shocking Performance Award White Trash – These guys were amazing – fast and reliable car, perfect hair, good attitudes.
They actually clocked the fastest lap time of the event – HOWEVER it was set while overtaking a competitor car.
UNDER YELLOW!! Shocking…
The Fresh Start Award Team Bond – brand new team, rookie drivers, plagued by mechanical failures all weekend, smiles all ’round!
They’ll be back since they’ve caught the Lemons bug!
The Supreme Award!
Top Gun Racing – Amazing detail on their car theme – Congratulations Gents!
Always in costume and always willing and able to lend assistance (and advice)…

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park – 16th – 18th September 2016

Most Laps completed (and Fastest Lap) @ 555 laps Giant Heavy Lemons #94
Best Presented Car Bad Mother Duckers #13
Back from the Dead ReBBL Racing #309
Best Themed Team BCTT OVLOV – Vikings #850
Best Stack Lost in Pace #1
Nincompoop Award The Hair Waxers #343
The “Yeah, Nah, Sweet as Bro” Award Selwyn Street Motorsport #999
The Battlers Award Nissan Nights – the Ballard of Lemons #666
Best Fix 6 Men and a Muppet #5
Judges’ Choice The Green Party #21
Organisers’ Choice Team Willies #121